A leading provider of home and community-based
healthcare and pharmacy services.

AleraCare is a provider of Infusion and Specialty Pharmacy services for medications administered in a physician’s office, alternate site of care or home setting.

Our primary goal is to affect the overall reduction of drug spend under the medical benefit, and we accomplish this through Site of Care Optimization.

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Locations, Licensures & Accreditations


  • Licensed to dispense and ship in all 50 states
  • Wholesale capabilities


  • 11 in AZ
  • 8 in CA
  • 1 in NM
  • 1 in UT


  • URAC- Specialty & Mail Order
  • ACHC
  • Compliance Team

Our Health Care Companies

To be a leading provider of both home and community-based healthcare and pharmacy services for high-need and medically complex populations, AleraCare is a combination of three health care companies: MedicoRx Specialty Pharmacy, Vasco Infusion, and VascoRx Specialty Pharmacy.

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Ambulatory Infusion Suites (AIS) and in-office   infusion services

At Vasco Infusion, our ambulatory infusion suites offer a reliable and convenient setting to receive specialty infusion or injectable therapy. Our mission is to provide a site of care for patients to receive high-quality care from our skilled physicians, nurses, and clinical pharmacists in a comfortable, private, and cost-effective environment.
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Home Infusion Therapy & Specialty Pharmacy

MedicoRx® Specialty Pharmacy is an industry leader in specialty pharmacy.  We provide specialty medications and support to individuals with chronic illnesses requiring complex, high-cost treatment.  With leading management programs, and our commitment to patient care, MedicoRx® Specialty Pharmacy is your choice to manage the growing cost of Biotech medication therapy.
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Specialty Pharmacy

Vasco, your Value Added Specialty Care Organization, is committed to providing innovative healthcare solutions for the management of a variety of medical conditions. With over 30 years of experience, the Vasco team has provided for the healthcare needs of your community through all 50 states since 1985. We invite you to experience the Vasco difference.
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